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And The Cycle Begins | Check & Wishlist Lately

February 9, 2017

 There's so many things I've been postponing and delaying lately. There's actually an official term for this: PROCRASTINATION. I don't know why I've been consumed so deeply into just pushing my things aside to do other things that aren't really productive (like taking naps, taking looong showers, playing games, etc) but it's taking an effect on my social and academic life, that's for sure. So, in order to bring balance once again into my life and just get a sense of the things that have been going on in my mind, I want to make this virtual checklist of the things I want to do in the near future, and the things that have been happening.

+ First of all, I haven't posted anything in a week. I completely fail at punctuality. The truth is, because I've been delaying all of these things (including college work), I haven't had time to come up with posts + take pictures + post + promote.

From now on, I will try to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am EST, as an effort to become more responsible and active!

+ Another aspect of this blogging journey that I haven't really explored or engaged in is promotion. I fail at social media; I haven't used my personal Instagram in about 6 or so months. It's a miracle the Twitter page for this blog is even active and that's because Bloglovin' is amazing and does the posting for me. But, I seek to create an account where I can reach out to my readers (if there are any, lol) and make every post count. So, watch out for a link to a new Instagram account dedicated to this blog!

+ I really wish I could edit my blog so that it has a nice custom home page with a calendar and everything. I'm still learning how to do this so I guess I'm just warning you of new changes to come for the layout of the page. Of course, this won't happen nowhere near now but I'm just saying.

+ Even though I've been studying and busy lately, I still find some time to educate myself on the happenings of the world. I preordered BTS's new comeback CD directly from Korea and I'm a little disappointed in this only because I know it will arrive to my hands much later than actually going to K-town a few days after the release. But, by preordering it, I'm guaranteed some extra merchandise so even though I'm disappointed, I'm excited. (But, don't get me started on shipping costs wth)

+ I found out about the KonMari method of tidying a few days ago and have been obsessed ever since. I have a big obsession with simplicity and minimalism and the KonMari method is just up my alley. I think it is very religious; dare I say, vey buddhist? There's this element of detachment and letting go of the things you don't need in your life because they don't bring happiness, which I think is a great concept to consider when tidying up (even though I am not buddhist).

The KonMari method is inspired by Japanese culture, since it was created my Marie Kondo who is Japanese. I've been so intrigued by the Japanese lifestyle lately because it is very simple and they try to maintain everything minimal. Even the fashion is this way and I'm all up for it. So, needless to say, I'm fortunate to be learning Japanese these days because Tokyo 2020 hell yeah.

+ That being said, I was also intrigued by how the Japanese interpret this into their beauty regimes. Turns out, J-beauty is like a concoction of K-beauty and F-beauty and, if you know me, you'll know that this looks like the thing I've always wanted. The ideal is simplistic, using ancient products that have a long history of being effective, but incorporating elements such as sheet masks and essences to achieve healthy looking skin, while caring and paying attention to the needs of your complexion. As for makeup, they try to be as minimal as possible with the hopes to create a natural healthy look. Literally everything I want.

+ Last but not least, my ultimate goal for this year is to become more tidy. And, this applies to my studies as well - tidy in the sense of becoming more responsible and less procrastinative (is that even a word?). I actually like getting sh*t done and feeling like a powerful woman who can do anything. But, somehow napping gets the best of me (have you noticed how my About page picture is me sleeping?). So, my goal is to sleep more at night so I won't want to nap during the day. This way, I can also wake up earlier and get more stuff done in the span of that day.

I really need to stop the procrastination cycle from getting any more intense or lasting any longer.
What do you struggle with the most? I get a sense that we all are procrastinators who aren't even ashamed.

These pictures literally have nothing to do with the text in this post. I'm trying to get in the habit of taking pictures for every post because this makes it look prettier and organized. It also gives it a little sense of cohesion (even though that does not apply here, lol). Nevertheless, hope you enjoy a creepy view into my dorm room...

Brightening the Eyes with Sleep-In Eye Masks | VII code Skincare

February 7, 2017

I'm already obsessed with sheet masks and skincare; this is not new knowledge. I love to find new products to try out and I love it even more when brands reach out to me because they know my investment in skincare. It's weird because I get more excited about skincare than anything else in my life - and I'm pretty sure that's not right.

Regardless, VII code reached out to me to try out their Oxygen Eye Masks* targeting dark circles. As a committed student and resident of this world, I am not immune to dark circles because, let's face it, they're almost inevitable. There's many ways to avoid them, of course, by drinking tons of water, resting well (not more and not less than what is required, which I fail to do no matter how hard I try), being more active, etc. But, I'm constantly wanting quick, drastic results 빨리, so I'm hardwired to want things immediately. Sheet masks and, in this case, eye masks are convenient for people like me... and anyone, to be honest, no matter your lifestyle.

VII code is a skincare brand committed to the myth of "ageless beauty" and they're an institution stablished from a beauty secret passed on through the generations, all the way back to the 18th century when Byrne Victor's "ageless mystery" was created and even brought upon Queen Josephine (Napoleon's wife). Ever since then, this ageless myth has been passed on in the family until they were able to create their own business and share their "formula" with the world. Cool, huh?

These eye masks are part of a short-term treatment so, although you are not required, it is recommended to follow up your first box with another two in order to see long-lasting results. In order to see quick results, the masks should be put on twice or thrice a week.

It is true that sheet masks are not for lazy people... and I am a lazy people. But, why? Because, I find, there's so much commitment in opening the package, putting it on correctly, not eating / drinking / laughing for 30 minutes, waiting for 30 minutes, and carrying on with the rest of skincare afterwards. But, this eye mask (1) doesn't cover your mouth so you can eat and talk, (2) doesn't require precise application because it is literally just below your eye sockets, and (3) requires you to leave it on for a maximum of up to 8 hours so you can literally sleep in them and not worry about them until morning.

Why can you leave them on for so long? Although they look like normal cotton sheet masks, their effective side (the one that will stick to your face and do the work) is made of gel which will not resoak up all the hydration and nutrients transferred onto your skin, like cotton sheet masks would if you leave them for too long. The gel itself is very cool-feeling and sticks to your face firmly (meaning: it doesn't slide off) and this surprised me, both in a good way. I find that placing cool products or things under or on your eyes is so refreshing and effective so, I don't know about you but I keep mine in the fridge to make them extra cooler than they already are.

However, my favorite concept of this is the fact that you get to wake up with brightened under eyes, regardless of whether you use makeup the next day or not. You effortlessly wake up looking refreshed (even if your body and soul are not).

Please don't make fun of my face as I attempt to show you how cute these eye masks are. I've never posted pictures of my face on blogposts before mainly because I never had a reason why but, this was a good opportunity for me to just go with it and plaster my face on people's laptop / phone screens. I feel like Kim Kardashian [over-reacting].
What do you think? Will you try out VII code's eye masks and look refreshed and awake the next morning?

*I received VII code's Oxygen Eye Masks for testing purposes. Opinions are 100% my own.


City Girl Beauty: Products That Protect Your Skin

January 26, 2017
Let's talk about the fact that I am not an actual City girl but have dared to come up with a post trying to give pointers / advice to those who are... Forgive me if I am completely off but I actually have a genuine concern for those who take a daily beating into the City jungle. There's nothing quite like it, really. And, although I do not live in the City, was not raised in the City, and do not take part of anything that the City entails, I grew up with people who have. This doesn't grant me ultimate knowledge that nobody else in the world has but I am not ignorant enough to disregard the fact that the City is cruel - not only mentally / psychologically, but physically.

Not only is there an endless amount of pollution (because of the buildings / factories / trucks), the sun is everywhere (even under the "shade" of a building). There's so many people smoking, there's even more cars that pollute the little air that fits between the streets. And, let's not talk about the free-radicals because we'll be here until morning.

I could be exaggerating; I have a tendency to do this often (and you can ask my friends - I feel like they no longer take me seriously sometimes). But, it's no joke to me at all. After reading a couple of articles and books about what it is like to live in the City, or somewhere near one, and what it does to your skin / health, I've given it some thought and taken the time to curate some products that will "protect" (to some extent) my skin. I'm a child (although not a little one) so I'm often told that I shouldn't worry about anti-aging products, or buying a ton of products that will end up pilling up onto my face and not work because "they don't have much to fix". Why fix when I can prevent, no? And that's the whole reason why I've decided to write this post.

This is not much commitment. After all, the couple of things I do daily to protect my skin are moisturize and SPF. Seems simple but the fun (or tedious) part is finding the right one with the right ingredients. I did a Chemistry project last year where I researched all about Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and its benefits on the skin while looking at primary articles and literature. Research shows that ascorbic acid protects the skin from UVA / UVB sun rays, lightens scarring, softens wrinkles, and adds "glow" into your skin (this is possible because it promotes collagen production in your skin and renews cells for a brighter complexion). (You see, cha girl's been doing her work!) Why is Vitamin C good for City girls? Because it protects your skin from early / premature aging, and helps you look brighter with less. Life's a blur when you live in a fast-paced place so, when you've got little time to take care of you, a product that does it "all" becomes your best friend. I like Valentia's Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer* because it's not heavy and has everything I need.

I don't think SPF needs a huge paragraph explaining why it is essential in life, overall. So, I'm just going to say that I find Asian sunscreens to be more... user friendly? They're easier to understand, is what I mean (ironically). When a sunscreen indicates that it protects against UVA + UVB rays and it is 50+, it means it protects against all of the sun's evil rays in a way similar to when you find SPF 100. Also, PA+++ means it has awesome abilities when it comes to protection power (the more plus signs, the better). This is why I love COSRX's Aloe Soothing Sun Cream because it is SPF 50+, PA+++; all of the things you want and need. Also, it doesn't smell like sunscreen (it's more like fresh aloe scented) but it is super nice and non-greasy.

This heading is a lie because I either not do this weekly or do it more than twice a week. The point is: these are things we should do frequently but not everyday. As an example, carbonated masks are great for pulling out impurities trapped deep inside your pores. This is good because they help detox the skin, and this should not be done daily because you could risk "stripping" the skin from essential anti-oxidants and good oils that are important for healthy skin. Because the mask fizzes, it becomes sort of like a massage but helps to gently exfoliate the skin. I currently possess two options of carbonated masks: Elizavecca's Milky Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask (very popular nowadays!) and Neogen's Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask.

Bringing back the topic of Vitamin C, I own the most amazing serum that contains just the perfect amount of ascorbic acid to do its job while being gentle. I recommend this - eyes closed - because it is just amazing, and I've just noticed that it is getting the global recognition it deserves. The Klairs' Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Serum is a godsend that makes your skin glow, helps with discoloration, helps diminish the appearance of pimples / acne, and helps your skin become more "resistant" (dare I say?) to sun rays.

+ Are there any products you've found to be on the A-list for City girls? For example, any lip products? I really have no clue and, as you can see, my list still needs to cover lip-protection so I would like to know!

This post may contain affiliate links that will generate an amount of commission towards the betterment of this blog.


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