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February 7, 2017

I'm already obsessed with sheet masks and skincare; this is not new knowledge. I love to find new products to try out and I love it even more when brands reach out to me because they know my investment in skincare. It's weird because I get more excited about skincare than anything else in my life - and I'm pretty sure that's not right.

Regardless, VII code reached out to me to try out their Oxygen Eye Masks* targeting dark circles. As a committed student and resident of this world, I am not immune to dark circles because, let's face it, they're almost inevitable. There's many ways to avoid them, of course, by drinking tons of water, resting well (not more and not less than what is required, which I fail to do no matter how hard I try), being more active, etc. But, I'm constantly wanting quick, drastic results 빨리, so I'm hardwired to want things immediately. Sheet masks and, in this case, eye masks are convenient for people like me... and anyone, to be honest, no matter your lifestyle.

VII code is a skincare brand committed to the myth of "ageless beauty" and they're an institution stablished from a beauty secret passed on through the generations, all the way back to the 18th century when Byrne Victor's "ageless mystery" was created and even brought upon Queen Josephine (Napoleon's wife). Ever since then, this ageless myth has been passed on in the family until they were able to create their own business and share their "formula" with the world. Cool, huh?

These eye masks are part of a short-term treatment so, although you are not required, it is recommended to follow up your first box with another two in order to see long-lasting results. In order to see quick results, the masks should be put on twice or thrice a week.

It is true that sheet masks are not for lazy people... and I am a lazy people. But, why? Because, I find, there's so much commitment in opening the package, putting it on correctly, not eating / drinking / laughing for 30 minutes, waiting for 30 minutes, and carrying on with the rest of skincare afterwards. But, this eye mask (1) doesn't cover your mouth so you can eat and talk, (2) doesn't require precise application because it is literally just below your eye sockets, and (3) requires you to leave it on for a maximum of up to 8 hours so you can literally sleep in them and not worry about them until morning.

Why can you leave them on for so long? Although they look like normal cotton sheet masks, their effective side (the one that will stick to your face and do the work) is made of gel which will not resoak up all the hydration and nutrients transferred onto your skin, like cotton sheet masks would if you leave them for too long. The gel itself is very cool-feeling and sticks to your face firmly (meaning: it doesn't slide off) and this surprised me, both in a good way. I find that placing cool products or things under or on your eyes is so refreshing and effective so, I don't know about you but I keep mine in the fridge to make them extra cooler than they already are.

However, my favorite concept of this is the fact that you get to wake up with brightened under eyes, regardless of whether you use makeup the next day or not. You effortlessly wake up looking refreshed (even if your body and soul are not).

Please don't make fun of my face as I attempt to show you how cute these eye masks are. I've never posted pictures of my face on blogposts before mainly because I never had a reason why but, this was a good opportunity for me to just go with it and plaster my face on people's laptop / phone screens. I feel like Kim Kardashian [over-reacting].
What do you think? Will you try out VII code's eye masks and look refreshed and awake the next morning?

*I received VII code's Oxygen Eye Masks for testing purposes. Opinions are 100% my own.

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